About Trivus

Somos a Trivus®, a brand that offers you solutions, de web design e marketing, appropriate to your business to the Internet, from 2001.

We are designers, young programmers and above all passionate about web design and creative design.

We have a commitment to quality and respect the needs and realities of each client.
We are ready to contribute to their success!

We want to help you make a bigger and better scale through disclosure to your business.
The world of internet is here to stay. Having a website is no longer a luxury for the few, making it a general rule for companies that want to survive in an increasingly aggressive market.
Apresentar firsthand their products or services its customers.


– Alleviate difficulties and competitiveness of the current market in your area of ​​business;

– Prepare companies for leadership of tomorrow;

– Develop consistent work, while applying modern technical resources and appropriate to each segment and to identify business opportunities for our clients concepts.

Ensure the satisfaction of our customers.


We are fast;

We are intelligent;

Deliver what we promise;

We charge a fair price;

We have a differentiated service;

We take care of each customer individually.


Folgosinho - Serra da Estrela

We work with Trivus there are plenty of years and the truth is never disappointed us. We have the results that were promised in.

NS Seguros

Working with Trivus has been an enriching experience. All I can say boils down to one word: Fantastic!

Nelson Soares

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