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Domain Registration Please have your.

Your brand on the Internet is their main asset in the new economy. Book the domain and ensures their possession.

Why domain name registration? You and your company are known in many places, but in all, are known and are therefore. The domain on the Internet is you. Do not let him put another name. Give yourself known to Internet users, as they know. And keep it under your domain.

In Trivus-SI can register multiple domains: .with, .net, .org, .pt, .I, .info, .we are, .us, etc…

For the registration of domain must reside or have registered business in Brazil.

Our services have different features and research can make registration of domains in different countries.
Housing need to register my domains? No, registered domains without hosting sites is indicated in the following cases:
Reserve the name / domain for future use;
Ensure ownership of the name / domain related to your brand in international markets including;
Have another name / domain to an existing website and a domain already associated.

Did you know that every day there is someone, somewhere, searching for registering a new domain?

The following table, tells us that there are on average 7000 new research domains for registration.

Estatísticas para registo de domínios

Statistics, Google, for domain name registration

If you wish to have the domain for a long time, we advise you to register it for more than a year, thus postponing concerns ensuring the longer and also enjoy benefits in the price of domains.

No preference or do not know which field to choose? No worries. Always speak with us and see how we can help you find the right domain.

Your brand on the Internet is their main asset in the new economy.
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