How do your site?

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How do your site?

Prior to make your website, we conduct research among customers of its area of ​​operation in order to find a perfect tune for the company's profile is designed with accuracy and the information is secure and cohesive. We have partnered well to define strategies that meet the specific needs of each company.
Our advice aims to advise our clients about their position and the actions that should be taken given the information available on the Web.

We study conditions for viable projects.
Through a survey of needs and target audience of the website, conducted a comprehensive planning that examines how best to publicize its services, products and market actuação. This plan serves as the basis for defining the graphic concept and content of information to Web sites on institutional, and commercial or redesign.

After completion of several types of tests, including usability, your site is ready to be published on the Internet and launched through a campaign of e-marketing inserting your website on the most popular search engines on the Internet.

Google Yahoo Bing

We design and develop the right strategy for your business to have visibility on the Web.


NS Seguros

Working with Trivus has been an enriching experience. All I can say boils down to one word: Fantastic!

Nelson Soares
Folgosinho - Serra da Estrela

We work with Trivus there are plenty of years and the truth is never disappointed us. We have the results that were promised in.

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